“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver


In addition to coaches and teachers, I’ve had the great privilege of being trained by many fine mentors and masters. The majority of my professional development training is in transformational coaching, applied neuroscience, pastoral counseling, meditation, alternative medicine, trauma resolution, and Eastern psychology as it relates to character development and peak performance. In addition to my formal graduate school training at Harvard Divinity School, I spent 7 years in private practice as a therapeutic massage therapist and body-centered pastoral counselor. The following list represents more than twenty years of professional development. I often get asked how I’ve come to know what I know. The answer is more than what’s below, but the list offers some measure of the scope and depth of my training.

  • BEAbove Leadership – CNTC, Certified Neuro- Transformational Coach (in progress)

  • Neuroscience, Consciousness, and Transformational Coaching with BEAbove Leadership and Ann Betz (60 hours)

  • Trainings in Peak Performance and Tibetan Buddhist Meditation with Dan Brown, PhD (40 hours)

  • Ally is a Verb: The Role of White Educators at PoCC and Beyond with Xiomara Hall, MEd and Anshu Wahi (8 hours)

  • Level I-III Shambhala Meditation Trainings with Fleet Maull (42 hours)

  • .B Mindfulness Certification Course for Teachers (30 hours)

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training with Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD and Saki Santorelli, EdD (60 hours)

  • Hakomi Method of Experiential Psychotherapy with Jaci Hull (14 hours)

  • Nonviolent Communication Training with Dian Killian, PhD and Martha Lasley, MBA (16 hours)

  • Peaceful Warrior Training with Dan Millman (16 hours)

  • Spiritual Direction Training Program with Sister Florence Trahan, RSM and Sister Judy Fortune, MDiv (70 hours)

  • Classical Homeopathy Certification Program with Amy Rothenberg, ND and Paul Herscu, ND (400 hours)

  • Classical Homeopathy Certification Program with Luc de Schepper, MD (330 hours)

  • Visionary Craniosacral Work Certification Program with Hugh Milne, DO (300 hours)

  • Wisdom of Yoga Training with Stephen Cope, MSW (15 hours)

  • Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program with Yoganand Michael Carroll and Tarika Diana Damelio (200 hours)

  • Kripalu Bodywork Certification Program (500 hours)

  • Polarity Bodywork Certification Program (200 hours)

  • Multiple Level I and II Council Trainings with Shay Sloan and John McCluskey (~64 hours)

  • Zen Brain, Socially-Engaged Buddhism, Servant-Leadership, and Indigenous Heart Educational Program trainings with Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD (110 hours)

  • 36-hour Sesshin (intensive silent retreat) with Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD

  • Naturalistic Approaches to the Training of Trauma Program with Maggie Klein, MFT and Lael Keen (250 hours)

  • Fourfold Way Training with Angeles Arrien, PhD (35 hours)

  • Professional Labor Assistant Training Certification Program with Therese Hak-Kuhn (25 hours)

  • Reiki Level I Certification with Libby Barnett, MSW (8 hours)

  • Myofascial and Structural Integration Training with Tom Myers (20 hours)

  • Women’s Medicinal Herb Foundation Certification Program with Deb Soule (100 hours)



On mental skills training, competition, meaning making, leadership, and purpose.


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