Conscious and resilient leaders. High-performance, values-driven teams and cultures.

At Mindful Warrior, we know that elite individual performance thrives in healthy, values-driven cultures. Inspiring, motivational, and ethical leadership takes practice and skill. Building high-performance teams and cultures demands daily practice and commitment. Traditional (even elite-level) education rarely prepares us to grow in sustainable and healthy ways in the midst of pressure: most of us just learn how to adapt and survive. Very few of us have learned the secrets of high-performance mindsets, effective decision making, and resilience in the midst of the everyday grit, grind, and hustle.

Mindful Warrior aims to close that learning gap by focusing on two high-stakes venues: corporations and schools. The company’s mission is to support executives and their teams to build values-driven, high-performance cultures. We do this through executive and senior leadership team mental skills and high-performance decision-making coaching, cutting-edge visual content development, off-site and on-site retreat facilitation, and intensive residential values-driven leadership trainings. In short, we help executives and their teams radically enhance their embodied presence, resilience, and culture.


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