Elite Mental Skills Training to Build High-Trust, High-Performance Teams and Cultures

In short, we work with our clients to help them build high-trust cultures that support game-changing performance. The Mindful Warrior Approach™ teaches executives and their teams the power and performance advantages of responsive and effective decision making, high-performance flow mindsets, and resilience in the midst of the everyday grit, grind, and hustle. We provide clients with cutting-edge visual content, off-site and on-site retreat facilitation, and intensive values-driven leadership workshops. Our client engagements are rigorous, comprehensive, and effective and include training in the following areas:

Build Brave Space: Establish shared rules, agreements, values, and practices; understand their role in cultivating healthy nervous systems and teams.

Ignite the Inner Witness: Feel and attend to the breath while being aware of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions.

Map the Mind: Stabilize attention; identify motivations, thought patterns, and core behaviors; discover conscious and unconscious habits of mind.

Explore Cultural Contexts: Encounter cultural norms and biases, learn perspective- taking tools, and listen across difference.

Connect + Communicate: Observe experiences accurately, identify judgments, make observations, and practice making values-driven decisions.

Train the Brain: Learn basic central nervous system anatomy, understand the stress response, and strengthen cognitive control.

Ride the Wave: Practice empathy and executive functioning skills in diverse environments and learn to trust grace and ease under pressure.

Navigate the Seas: Practice deep listening, cultivate stillness as an asset, and negotiate the tension arc between obligations and aspirations.

Trusted by world-class organizations. 

  • United States Women’s National and Olympic Ice Hockey Teams (CO)
  • Private Wealth Management Teams in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles (CA)
  • Middlebury College Athletic Department (VT)
  • Stevenson School (CA)
  • Kambala School (AUS)
  • Hotchkiss School (CT)
  • Thacher School (CA)
  • Rivers School (MA)
  • Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School (MA)
  • Brown University Women's Lacrosse Team (RI)
  • Columbia University Spirituality Mind Body Institute (NY)
  • Georgetown University Women's Lacrosse Team (DC)
  • Yale University (CT)
  • Navajo Nation (AZ)





We work with top performing business leaders and their senior management teams. Our corporate clients understand that elite-level performance thrives in values-driven cultures and they're willing to do the tough and rewarding work of changing their performance mindsets to build low-drama, values-driven teams and cultures in order to reach the top of their industry.


We work with boards, Heads of School, and athletic departments to help them build high-performance, values-driven teams and learning environments. We introduce shared conceptual frameworks and practices to all members of the leadership team so they can partner effectively with colleagues to affect healthy relationships, lead high-performance teams, and build values-driven cultures where the whole student thrives.

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